Better Bite Balm

From Karen, who’s so sweet the mosquitoes won’t leave her be, “A couple of days ago I had some mosquitoes chew on me, and I remembered your coconut oil suggestion. The oil made the huge welts and itching go away within the hour, and even helped relieve a little irritation with the older bites. My mom had the chance to try its effectiveness with fire ant bites, and it worked just as well. Nothing store bought that I’ve tried has even been close to this effective, and the only ingredient I’m inflicting on my system is organic coconut oil! And I don’t have to worry about poisoning the dogs when they inevitably lick it.  Thankyouthankyouthankyou! I can enjoy my yard knowing that their bites won’t be torturing me for the next few weeks!”

Photo (and training) of the inevitable lickers by sweet Karen.



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