Fragrance-Free Foster

So after successfully crossing the one-year anniversary of adopting our very special and very fearful boy Chuck, we wanted to help other “Chucks” by fostering. Thankfully, our beloved friends at PAWS Shelter & Humane Society fully understand our MCS and a few are fragrance-free themselves. So yesterday, after receiving a plea for fosters, we texted Michelle to please bathe Kirsty in the Molly’s Suds Dog Shampoo we sent to the shelter and we’d come fetch the little darling immediately. When we pulled up to the shelter, Michelle was air-drying shiny and clean Kirsty in the gazebo, instead of using a possibly scented towel. Shen then swapped out her collar with the one we’d brought and we hit the road! Where there’s a will, there’s a fragrance-free, furry foster way. Thank you, Michelle, for ALL you do!!!


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