Keep Chiggers In Check

So yesterday we were tromping around in tall, native Texas grasses and wildflowers with four men. We got on the topic of chiggers, like you do, and not one of us mentioned toxic bug spray for bite prevention nor clear nail polish for itch treatment. Spritzing with and/or drinking apple cider vinegar with the mother was mentioned; tucking pants into boots was discussed; and banging a sulfur-filled sock around your boots was suggested. The drinking ACV thing might be hooey but we put a teaspoon or two in our first glass of water every morning and do the pant leg in boot bit and, this year, we’ve had the far fewer bites while doing more tall grass-tromping. When we do get a bite, we apply a paste of bentonite clay and ACV. From Wellness Mama, here are more tips on preventing and treating these horribly itchy bites

The itching from chigger bites is enough to drive anyone crazy. Try these effective remedies: baking soda, salt, diatomaceous earth and more.
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